Terms & Conditions

The terms Deskgram.com and “Deskgram” or “us” or “we” refer to the owner of the website whose registered address is https://app.deskgram.com. The term you refer to the user/viewer of the website.

You are obliged to read these terms and conditions carefully. If you disagree with any condition in this document, you cannot use Deskgram in any form, including its website, application or any account registered through it. By installing or registering, you recognize the integrity of these terms of use and agree that you are fully bound to these conditions by your own free will.

We are distinct entity and are not associated with Instagram in any way. And the use of Deskgram is voluntary, no one is required to use this website or install the application.

Deskgram stores user information and data such as account name, ID, IP address, user activity, account settings, history of uploads or links to related images.

Deskgram was developed and is owned by entities who are not bound to the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Deskgram never uses your instagram account. It is you who are responsible for any activity done in your instagram account.

The user can choose to terminate his account at any time. However, some data (such as its name, IP address, computer identification) can remain saved but will only be used to detect if the user has retuned.

It is recommended that you access the service using the same email as the default Instagram account.

Deskgram application is provided with no guarantees, it is not considered free of bugs or errors.

If you do not understand or accept the terms: do not use or create an account with Deskgram. Deskgram terms may be changed at any time without any prior notice. By using this website you agree to abide by the current version of the terms and conditions for the use of Deskgram.

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